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Last updated August 22, 2011

Q. Why do you only build SQUARESPACE sites?

A. SQUARESPACE takes a huge amount of the (difficult) work of running a good website off my hands, and allows me to spend my time on creativity and functionality. They also provide the framework for the Content Management System, which is a key feature in the sites I develop.

Q. How long have you been building SQUARESPACE sites?

A. I built my first site in the spring of 2009. The company I was working for desperately needed a new website, and I happened to see a SQUARESPACE segment on TV. I checked out their site, signed up for the 14 day trial, and quickly built a site that accomplished our needs. Since then I have developed numerous sites, both large and small, on the platform.

Q. What about Email?

A. SQUARESPACE does not host email. Typically, if you have an existing website with domain specific email (, you can continue to use your current hosts email services, while discontinuing the website hosting service. If they don't offer (only) email, you can always change email providers, but be sure to back up your existing email, and discuss with your email provider what you are doing to ensure you don't loose any emails.

Q. Why don't I build my own site? Doesn't SQUARESPACE makes it easy?

A. Good question. SQUARESPACE does make the process of web design infinitely easier than a lot of other methods, but it still requires a decent amount of time and web/html knowledge to build anything beyond a very simple (and generic looking) site. My sites are completely customized, I always start with the blank template and design everything from scratch, with the clients styles, colours, themes and needs in mind. Basically I design high quality, well functioning websites, with personal support and training, for people and companies who just want a great looking website.

Q. Do you shoot video?

A. I don't, but my dad does, and he has over 30 of years experience. He shoots in HD on a Sony EX1 XDCAM. His website is

Q. Can you make a video out of photographs or home video?

A. Absolutely - combine that with some slick motion, cool graphics, animate the logo and add some catchy music and you're set.

Q. If I have a video produced, what do I get?

A. I can provide the following formats:

  • High quality HD formats (Uncompressed / Animation / ProRes)
  • High quality / high compatibility formats (MPEG / H264 / FLV / WMV)
  • YouTube and web optimized formats
  • Professional quality DVD's with custom menus (created with DVD Studio Pro)

Q. Can you design and print custom labels and mass produce DVD's?

A. I can, by working with a disk printer and replicator in Vancouver, B.C. I provide them with the master disk and the label artwork, and they print, replicate and then ship the disks directly. The quality of the printed labels is amazing.

Q. What about Blu-Ray?

A. Currently I do not produce Blu-Ray, but I can provide Blu-Ray quality HD video, supply other art assets, and provide help and advice for a 3rd party company to produce.

Q. What software do you edit with?

A. I do most of my motion graphics with After Effects and Photoshop. I usually edit video in Final Cut Pro. I make custom music in both Garage Band and Soundtrack Pro.